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IAB Bulgaria together with 11 business organizations sends an open letter to the political parties

IAB Bulgaria, along with 11 other leading business associations in the country, sent an open letter to the  political parties. The letter highlights the urgent need for a sustainable government that can tackle the pressing issues facing the Bulgarian economy and businesses.

The letter outlines six critical areas that require immediate attention, including Bulgaria’s integration into the Eurozone and Schengen, necessary legislative and administrative reforms to ensure the rule of law, reforms in the Bulgarian education, working regulatory institutions, guaranteeing the funds from the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, and improving conditions for attracting investors.

As a business association dedicated to advancing the interests of the digital advertising industry in Bulgaria, IAB Bulgaria recognizes the critical role of a stable government in driving economic growth and promoting the interests of businesses and citizens. We encourage all parties to prioritize the needs of the Bulgarian people and work towards building a sustainable future for the country.