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The benefits of membership in IAB Bulgaria are:

  • Access to the information resources of the IAB Bulgaria – including the results of studies and market data from IAB Europe and the full AdEx report for Bulgaria
  • Participation in closed meetings- GDPR discussions, networking events with members of IAB Bulgaria – market leaders.
  • Opportunity to participate in standing committees, impact for decision making and determine development direction for organization:

– Standing Committee on for IAB Forum and IAB MIXX Awards
– Standing Committee on Research and Analysis
– Standing Committee on Metrics and Standards
– Ethics committee
– Standing Committee on Events, Training and Certification
– Standing Committee on Lobbying with Members and Institutions
– Standing committee for Budget, finance and business partnerships
– Standing Committee for connection with International IAB Organizations

  • Opportunity to participate as a lecturer in IAB Bulgaria Masterclasses:
    – Advanced Masterclasses – Social, Video, Programatic, SEO and more.
    – Digital Marketing Masterclasses
  • Opportunity for presentation of networking events – IAB Business breakfast.
  • 1 Free ticket for each key event of IAB Bulgaria and a 50% discount for additional tickets – IAB Digital Day and IAB Mixx Awards / one ticket cost BGN 240.
  • 50% discount on all Masterclasses organized by the IAB and the opportunity to offer it to three top clients as an added value to your teamwork.
  • Preferential prices for the IAB World Organization certification program for topics such as:
    – Digital Marketing & Media Foundations
    – Digital Ad Operations
    – Digital Media Buying & Planning
    – Digital Media Sales

IAB Bulgaria is a hub for digital talents

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