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IAB Bulgaria Stands in Solidarity with IAB Belarus

Regarding the statement from The Association of Advertising Organizations (ARO) and the Association of Interactive Advertising (IAB Belarus) on behalf of the companies of the advertising industry of the Republic of Belarus, IAB Bulgaria stands in solidarity with the colleagues. In the statement the associations express their negative attitude towards what is happening in the country after the elections of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

As a result of the protests in the country, Chief of the board IAB Belarus, a well-known and respected businessman Alexander Vasilevich was detained and illegally sentenced to 15 days.

We ask the state authorities to:

To immediately stop the illegal actions of law enforcement agencies against citizens throughout the country;

Unconditionally release from prison citizens who took part in peaceful protest actions related to the election results;

To immediately start a dialogue with civil society about the results of the past election campaign, respect for electoral legislation and protection of the constitutional rights of voters.

IAB Bulgaria fully supports and stands in solidarity with IAB Belarus and the ARO.