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IAB Bulgaria organizes its first business breakfast of the year: IAB Alarm Clock- programmatic I

IAB alarm clock – a series of business breakfast of IAB Bulgaria, continues in 2020.

The topic of the first breakfast of the year is extensive – programmatic and will be divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 of the event started with Hristo Nikolinski CEO, Etarget Bulgaria, who started the presentation with a series of key studies presenting the various aspects and measures in programmatic and presented what is brandformance.

The breakfast continued with Emil Olovanov – CEO of Crimtan Bulgaria, who introduced the audience with data about programmatic from IAB Europe. Emil presented curious data about the growth of programmatic and how voice search and audio advertising takes a big part in advertising . The presentation continued with one of the new formats for programmatic-gaming and how to target the segment of 15-25 years.

The last speaker for today was Alexander Varov – Product and Commercial Director of Netinfo. He gave a precise definition of what is programmatic direct and why it is considered as the highest class of programmatic service and what distinguishes premium ads from other ad formats.

IAB Alarm Clock ended with a discussion and networking.

Coming soon more information about IAB Alarm Clock- programmatic- II !!!