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IAB Bulgaria accepted another new member

IAB Bulgaria accepted another new member for 2020: Metric DS

Metric DS is a digital agency, which is part of the largest communication group in Bulgaria – Ogilvy Group Bulgaria.

With a team of proven professionals, Metric DS helps its customers to solve tactical and short-term marketing tasks, as well as longer-term challenges.

The agency was founded in 2015 and offers a wide range of digital services, which include:

– Planning and optimization of campaigns on Facebook, Google, Programmatic and I / O Display;

– Internal team for management of DSP and DMP platforms, used by the agency for the purposes of Programmatic purchase;

– Ad verification & brand safety and creation of DCO strategies;

– SEO & SEM;

– Creation of Native content for media and social networks;

– Introduction of business intelligence products, conversion rate optimization and implementation of attribution models.