Executive Director IAB Bulgaria

Expired on: Sep 5, 2022


The Role:
● Oversees the day-to-day operations and ensures successful achievement of long-term goals
● Manages internal and external partnerships
● Guides IAB to attain continued growth, success and brand recognition
● Supervises and reports on IAB results to the Management Board

Scope of Responsibilities:
● Represents and officially leads IAB Bulgaria
● Administrative and legal representative of the organisation
● Accountable for the development & deployment of the strategy & business plan
● Leads the work of the Committees
● Accountable for the relations with governmental bodies, institutions and other industry organizations and relevant groups
● Responsible for managing IAB financials
● Responsible for coordination & approval of all working streams/themes/topics with the Management Board
● Leads pitching procedures/processes for key activities
● Manages a team of executives to deliver results
● Responsible for the archive, organization’s assets, communication with legal & accounting firms

Process & Criteria for Selection
● Review of the 3 questions for the pre-screening
● Prescreening by the Management Board
● Interview (1 or 2) & filling interview reports by the interviewers, part of the interview will be in English
● Vote by the interviewers – Management Board of IAB and members (if any), where weight of the Board is 75% and of members is 25% (if any)

Questions to be prepared for the interview and to be submitted at least 3 days prior:
● What, in your view, are the 3 main benefits of organisation such as IAB for its members and/or the industry
● What, in your view, needs to change immediately in the digital industry of Bulgaria/Europe
● What, in your view, will be the first 3 things you will do when you start in the role, if you will be selected?


● At least 10 years extensive experience in marketing
● At least 5 years in managing people
● At least 3 years working closely with digital advertising and/or social media
● An eye for the detail and a critical thinking attitude
● Passion for the digital marketing industry and eager to learn and try new things
● Experience in creating and establishing clear, measurable business goals & achieving them
● Business planning and budget management experience
● “Can Do” attitude
● Excellent command of English & Bulgarian
● Advanced knowledge of MS Office
● Strong communication skills and positive attitude
● Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills
● University degree, bachelor minimum
● References

IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) is the largest global association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem. There are local IAB organizations in 46 countries on 6 continents.
IAB Bulgaria is a licensed IAB representative for Bulgaria. Among the members are many media and advertising agencies, marketing and technology companies involved in digital business activities.
The mission of the association is to promote the interactive marketing frameworks and standards, and to work for the development of the digital market in Bulgaria in close cooperation with business and regulators through conducting events, trainings, market research and other industry programmes.
Categories: Full time Permanent employment
Locations: Sofia
Sorry! This job has expired.